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Symphony - BulletBoys | Elefanté [2015]
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Elefanté - BulletBoys | Elefanté [2015]
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Loveless Melody - Alley Cats LV | EP
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Gestate - Mick Sweda
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Gene Loves Jezebel

Whisky A Go Go, West Hollywood, CA

Let's Be Frank film promo

Ben Harper

Settle For a Small Town

Mark Mackay

Lucky Strike Live, Los Angeles, CA

The Wire


Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA

Born to Breed


Trees, Dallas, TX



Live at the Lounge,

Hermosa Beach, CA 

Once Bitten Twice Shy

Jack Russell's Great White

M15, Corona, CA

James and the Cold Gun

Kate Bush Tribute: This Woman's Work

Los Angeles, CA

Smokin' Johnny Thunders

Alley Cats LV

House of Blues, Las Vegas

Wha Cha Say!

Alley Cats LV

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